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Slingshot Chair Collection Detail



Minimalist frames are made in laser cut rust-proof stainless steel tubing with neat TIG welds. Customise your Slingshot Chair in one of our 19 refined powder coat colours (UV-stable pure polyester with a luxurious satin ferro-grain texture).


Care for your powder coated stainless steel frames by wiping when necessary with a damp cloth.

Powder Coat Traffic White

Traffic White

Powder Coat Silk Grey

Silk Grey

Powder Coat Light Grey

Light Grey

Powder Coat Basalt Grey

Basalt Grey

Powder Coat Umber Grey

Umber Grey

Powder Coat Jet Black

Jet Black

Powder Coat Cream


Powder Coat Ochre Brown

Ochre Brown

Powder Coat Chestnut Brown

Chestnut Brown

Powder Coat Beige Red

Beige Brown

Powder Coat Coral Red

Coral Red

Powder Coat Purple Red

Purple Red

Powder Coat Lemon Yellow

Lemon Yellow

Powder Coat Pale Green

Pale Green

Powder Coat Emerald Green

Emerald Green

Powder Coat Moss Green

Moss Green

Powder Coat Olive Green

Olive Green

Powder Coat Pastel Violet

Pastel Violet

Powder Coat Pastel Turquoise

Pastel Turquoise

Powder Coat Gentian Blue

Gentian Blue

Powder Coat Night Blue

Night Blue

Powder Coat Ocean Blue

Ocean Blue



For fully outdoor use we advise using Crevin Dolce IMP fabrics to upholster the 20mm thick padded seat and back rests of the Slingshot Collection. DOLCE (IMP) is developed for joint indoor-outdoor use with beauty and functionality. It has a homely and natural appearance and can be cleaned by domestic machine-wash and by bleach, allowing an easy removal of mildew. DOLCE (IMP) is finished with stain-repellent and available with a layer of waterproof lamination that withstands up to 15 domestic washings.


Care for your water-repellant & stain-resistant Crevin fabric by brushing off loose dirt. When necessary, spray on a cleaning solution of water and mild soap, use a soft bristle brush to clean. Allow cleaning solution to soak into fabric. Rinse thoroughly until all soap residue is removed. Air dry.

For tougher stains spot clean (for mildew or other stains) by preparing a solution of 20% household bleach and 80% water, and add a few drops of neutral detergent or handwash.  Allow the solution to work into the fabric for 10-15 minutes. Remove the stain by rubbing with a sponge or clean cotton cloth using the bleach/soap solution. Repeat if necessary.


More detergent may be added to the solution. After cleaning, rinse the area thoroughly with fresh water to remove all bleach and soap residue. Rub dry with a clean cotton cloth and let dry at room temperature.

Crevin Dolce (IMP) 07 Shell

Dolce (IMP) 07 Shell

Crevin Dolce (IMP) 80 Cloud

Dolce (IMP) 80 Cloud

Crevin Dolce (IMP) 31 Turquoise

Dolce (IMP) 31 Turquoise

Crevin Dolce (IMP) 33 Lagoon

Dolce (IMP) 33 Lagoon

Crevin Dolce (IMP) 33 Sky

Dolce (IMP) 43 Sky

Crevin Dolce (IMP) 42 Indigo

Dolce (IMP) 42 Indigo

Crevin Dolce (IMP) 32 Avo

Dolce (IMP) 32 Avo

Crevin Dolce (IMP) 30 Pistachio

Dolce (IMP) 30 Pistachio

Crevin Dolce (IMP) 38 Olive

Dolce (IMP) 30 Olive

Crevin Dolce (IMP) 29 Peach

Dolce (IMP) 29 Peach

Crevin Dolce (IMP) 24 Sunset

Dolce (IMP) 24 Sunset

Crevin Dolce (IMP) 19 Limoncello

Dolce (IMP) 19 Limoncello



Wooden end caps and arm rests of the Slingshot chairs are made from Iroko – an African hardwood that has been treated with ProNature ( outdoor oil. The oil seals and protects the timber against minor stains and nourishes the timber to to prevent drying out when exposed to the outdoor elements.


Care for the wooden end caps of your Slingshot Chairs by re-oiling them if desired with ProNature oil. The frequency of maintenance is dependent on the level of exposure to the outdoor elements. Left without maintenance, the Iroko will eventually age to a silver grey colour that does not compromise the strength or structure of the wood in any way.

Iroko Timber Clear Oiled

Iroko Timber - Clear Oiled

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