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Capensis (Latin for “from the Cape”) is the exclusive distributor of two leading designer brands, HALDANE and TONIC. Haldane’s iconic outdoor furniture range and Tonic’s beautiful interior pieces have graced some of the most prestigious commercial and residential spaces in Africa, Europe and Asia. Capensis, founded by Sydney based, Justine Holmner and Candice Shakenovsky, aims to bring to the Australian market, a designer furniture offering that is unique, high quality and well priced relative to its competitors.From their distinctive design details and uncompromising craftsmanship, we look forward to introducing this collection of beautiful pieces to Australia and pay homage to a rich heritage. Our offering includes the sourcing and tailoring of our products through to delivery along with a fantastic trade discount structure.

The Cape
Haldane Martin Designer Outdoor Furniture

“Designing meaningful objects helps us understand ourselves and creates a sense of belonging to our time and place.”

The director + designer behind the brand, Haldane Martin is world-renowned for work with a powerful sense of identity. His earlier works are heralded as significant contributions to the development of a unique South African design language.

Now, focussed on premium outdoor furniture designed in Cape Town, Haldane combines his passion for design with his love of the outdoors offering our clients authentic self expression + enduring connection with nature in beauty and comfort.

Tonic Design Modern High End Furniture

"The way an object or space makes one feel is as important as it's function. Our work operates on multiple levels at the same time - it's about creating something with the utility as well as meaning."


Founded in 1999 by Greg Gamble and Phillipe Van Der Merwe, TONIC has produced a body of work spanning over two decades that is undeniably current, enduring, classic and instantly liveable.

Operating from a former heritage home in Johannesburg, the highly specialised team at TONIC works across a range of disciples, both in product development and interior programmes. 

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